East Valley Trends & Updates: Mesa


Real estate values in the greater Phoenix area have soared over the last 12 months and have consistently been on an upward swing ever since 2011-2012. According to trulia.com, Phoenix has experienced an increase of $16,900 (8%) in median home sales over the past year. The average price per square foot for the same area has risen from $147 to $161. On a broader scale, Maricopa county as a whole has risen by on average 7%. What do these number mean for you and your home? Lets break down the market for Mesa, Arizona.



Mesa has long been a sought after market in the greater Phoenix area. Mesa boasts breath taking views of Red Mountain and Superstition Mountain with Canyon Lake and Saguaro Lake in the near distance with numerous hiking trails. Mesa offers great amenities to residents by providing convenient shopping options like that of Dana Park, Dobson & 202, and Superstition Mall. Mesa is home to 23 golf courses as well as various other entertainment options like Spring Training facilities of the Chicago Cubs and the performing theatre Mesa Arts Center. Homes in Mesa have increased in value on average of about 3% in the last 12 months. This statistic certainly depends on your specific subdivision but as a whole, homes have increased in median sales value from $229,900 to $238,000. To that end, the average price per square foot has risen from $139 to $151. Thats a 9% increase! That is great news for you if you are a current Mesa homeowner. The market is healthy when beginner homes increase steadily in value. Before you go to value your home, please make sure to check out the selling resources to ensure you get top dollar!

Refer to the table below and see how much the Mesa market has grown in the past 5 years!

The numbers below are represented as in $1,000's. Example: 180 = $180,000

Market Trends in Mesa Arizona 2013-2018


More information on Mesa for future residents. As per the county tax office, the median age for Mesa residents is 35. 69% of Mesa residents are homeowners with a median household income of almost $47,000. Mesa is the largest school district in the state of Arizona. It is home to 100 schools. Many of which are in the top rating in regards to other schools the entire state. These are the schools earning top recognition. I am also including "A+ rated" schools here as well. For more information of Arizona A+ Schools be sure to visit azedfoundation.org. 

Elementary Schools: 

  1. Jack Barnes Elementary School (Public)
  2. Self Development Charter School (Charter K-8)
  3. Zedo Ishikawa Elementary School (Public) A+
  4. Robson Elementary School (Public) A+
  5. Ramon S Mendoza Elementary School (Public) A+
  6. Porter Elementary School (Public) A+
  7. Keller Elementary School (Public) A+
  8. John Phillip Sousa Elementary School (Public) A+
  9. Highland Arts Elementary School (Public) A+
  10. Booker T. Washington Elementary School (Public) A+
  11. Whitman Elementary School (Public) A+
  12. Taft Elementary School (Public) A+
  13. Las Sendas Elementary School (Public) A+
  14. Brinton Elementary School (Public) A+
  15. Superstition Springs Elementary School (Public) A+
  16. Jefferson Elementary School (Public) A+
  17. Crismon Elementary School (Public) A+
  18. Meridian Elementary School (Public) A+
  19. Irving Elementary School (Public) A+
  20. James K. Zaharis Elementary School (Public) A+
  21. Eugene Field Elementary School (Public) A+

Middle Schools

  1. Mesa Academy for Advanced Studies (Public 4-9)
  2. Franklin Junior High School (Public 7-9)
  3. Highland Jr. High School (Public 7-9) A+
  4. Smith Jr. High School (Public 7-9) A+
  5. Shepherd Jr. High School (Public 7-9) A+
  6. Stapley Jr. High School (Public 7-9) A+

High Schools

  1. Higley High School (Public 9-12)
  2. Highland High School (Public 9-12)
  3. ASU Preparatory Academy (Charter 9-12)
  4. Westwood High School (Public) A+
  5. Mountain View High School (Public) A+
  6. Red Mountain High School (Public) A+

Thank you for taking the time to read the most recent updated trends in Mesa. I will be breaking down each East Valley city in a similar way. If you have any specific questions on a particular neighborhood, subdivision, or home please email me at mattbeard@azexceptionalhomes.com or book a time under "Appointments" so we can talk. I look forward to hearing from you!

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