Selling your home in under 30 days

Selling your home in under 30 days



The housing market is now riding on a five year rebound after the 2008 market crash which extended real estate lows until 2013. Today in most Phoenix valley markets, the sellers have great leverage due to a short supply of new listings and an over supply of new buyers! With this being said, the selling point is still crucial for getting your home sold and avoid the “Days on the Market” DRAMA. Lets go over some key factors to moving your home quickly in the 2018 real estate market.

Price to Sell

How motivated are you to sell your home? Be honest with yourself. This may be a no brainer but it is easier said than done. First, I recommend have an unbiased professional take a look at your residence. It is best to have a real estate professional come out and give you an accurate market value on your house and a professional opinion of value for a 30-day quick sale. If selling your home fast is the ultimate goal without getting beat up on negotiations, it is extremely important to price the home just right!

Curb Appeal

As discussed in previous posts, curb appeal is massive to buyers. Spend a little extra money on landscaping before you list your home for sale. Plant new grass if you have any, trim bushes, clean up debris, and possibly add a few exterior lights to brighten up the home at dusk. Best thing about landscaping is that it doesn’t have to be crazy expensive and generally, you will get a great return on it.


Interior Appeal & Amenities

Every person selling a house has a desire to sell it quickly, and some additions as well as repairs can bring you closer to that end goal. Nevertheless, you must engage in home repairs and renovations properly and smartly. Some upgrades and enhancements will not pay off. For example, on average a homeowner will only recover about 57% of the price of remodeling a bathroom, according to Realtors Magazine. When sprucing up your home for a sale, invest in enhancements that are likely to give you the greatest return. Things like painting and interior touch ups like new lighting fixtures aren't that costly and will significantly improve the aesthetics of your home. For those who have customized your house with features that may be attractive to some buyers, be sure that you make reference to these features whenever you list your house. If you have made upgrades that are very specific to your personal style, it will be even more important that you have a professional come in. The things you think are cute and “homey” may not appeal to the masses and turn off many potential buyers.

Ensure that you remove all debris and clutter from both the inside and exterior of your home. Purchasers want to visualize themselves in your home, and a neat and clean appearance may enable them to achieve this. It may be smart to remove some furniture that is in cramped areas and temporarily remove personal pictures and items. Removing some furniture could make rooms appear to have more space.

Buyer Incentives

You are able to attract more buyers to your home by offering terms which make purchasing it easier. For instance, you may want to offer buyers $2,500 towards the closing cost, or even offer to help fund their escrow account. Another attractive selling tip is to offer buyers a home warranty. A policy that lasts for twelve months will cost about $450 and cover appliances like fridges, washing machines, hot water heaters, and air conditioning units. This may make a buyer feel more comfortable knowing that they'll be covered should any appliance malfunction. You can also offer a small allowance to help make your home meet your buyers specific wants like a particular paint color in a bed room, and so on. Doesn’t have to be any more than a couple hundred bucks. The object is to help to make buyers feel like they are obtaining a good deal.

It is very important that your house is aesthetically pleasing. Nevertheless, it is equally important that everything functions well and is in compliance with your local codes. You want to give the impression to purchasers that they can move in right away and start to enjoy their residence, instead of taking a lot of time, effort, and expense fixing it.



Once these other factors have been taken into consideration, it is time to list your home for sale. If you are truly motivated to move your home quickly while not getting beat up on negotiations and at the closing table, it is wise to hire a real estate professional who can handle your marketing and all other aspects of your transaction. Letting folks know how great your home is and that it is for sale is a massive part of actually getting it sold in 30 days. You need to find a professional that will be out fighting for your every day and using every marketing tactic necessary to make this goal come true. The Realtor will make sure the home is appealing, priced correctly, staged, and photographed to enhance its online presence among other competitive listings. Besides the normal online material such as the MLS listing and posts to other listing resources, your agent should be performing open houses as well as dealing with the physical marketing materials such as flyers, door hangers, etc. This is a large job to do on your on especially when you are focusing on other things. This is why I recommend hiring a professional. The professional will also vet potential buyers and work directly with preferred lenders to speed up the closing process!


All of the other factors we have discussed are important, but the cost must be right. It is wise to have a real estate evaluator appraise what your home is worth in the market conditions that prevail in your area, and price your home in accordance with them.

Let me make this clear, your home DOES NOT have to be the lowest priced in your area. This is especially true when you have made lots of improvements to it. However, your home price has to be in line with recent sales on comparable homes in your neighborhood if you truly want to sell the home quickly.

If you have any specific questions or needs please email me at and I will be happy to help. Open communication and you will NOT be added to any kind of constant contact email list. Just use me as a resource and guide to help you with your needs. Have a great day!

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