7 Secrets to Selling Your Home in 2018


            The market is ever changing and our methods for selling homes must change with the times. Tactics that may have worked 8-10 years ago doesn't apply to the current housing market as well as the current buyers anymore. You must remain flexible and fluid in your approach to make sure your home gets the offers it deserves and not sit on the "sidelines" while other homes fly off the market. Here are some easy tips to consider before you get ready to market your home.

1. Clean and Declutter Living Spaces. Remove Personal Items. Stage.

Home buyers want to come into your home and see how they can fit their life in your home. It is a good idea to take down personal photos and clean the place up to look as minimalistic as possible. It would be a good idea to buy a temporary storage unit if you aren't already moving into another home. Take all your excess things other than the bare essentials and store them in a unit until your home is sold. It is also a good idea to decrease the amount of clothes and other things in your closets in half. Buyers like to see ample storage so don't forget about the closets. 

After you finished all of this, consider hiring a professional to stage your home. Basically, staging means rearranging your furniture to best show off the floor plan and best use of each space.

2. Bring in the Light

You will want the most amount of light in your home to show the best. Good lighting is the second most important thing listed by buyers as something they want. Second only to location. Replace light bulbs, take down the drapes, trim the bushes outside, whatever it takes to allow more light in. This easy trick alone will make your home easier to sell.

3. Don't waste time and money upgrading.

Do not spend your money trying to upgrade everything around the house before selling. You will likely not get your money back. Instead, focus on quick fixes and updates. Put a fresh coat of paint on the walls, clean the curtains and windows, replace door handles, cabinet hardware, etc. You get the idea. Do not focus on big renovation projects, rather, do the little fixes that bring new life into your spaces.


This is absolutely no joke. You are selling the kitchen, not the home. This may sound crazy but heres the god's honest truth. The benefits of having an upgraded kitchen pays dividends to your overall home value. The money you put into the kitchen is almost certainly going to get you a return on your investment, if not more. It may cost you three to five thousand dollars updating your kitchen light fixtures, countertops, and cabinets but if you kitchen is dated... expect the buyer to knock $10,000+ off your asking price if not more. Having a dated kitchen could also turn many buyers away who are not willing to do the work themselves. Remember the market you are marketing to. 86% of home buyers today are looking for homes that require no work and are move in ready. THE KITCHEN IS KING.

5. First Impression Rose

Taking a note here from the bachelor and bachelorette. The first impression is crucial in selling your home. Just like making a good first impression is crucial for getting that second date. Most home buyers have already made up their mind before they even walk through the door. Take a little time or spend a little money sprucing up the exterior of your home to enhance the curb appeal. You typically get one hundred percent return on this investment. Don't forget the covered porch or patio either. Make it look welcoming. Maybe a table with flowers or a small bench. A little effort goes a long way in making the most warm and inviting first impression you can with your potential buyers.

6. Find the right broker

Even if you are trying to go at this alone, it is important to have a broker who is there to support you with answering questions and support. You will have many "Looky Lues" so it important you know how to vet potential buyers, maximize open houses, and understand the most effective marketing tactics that will attract the right buyers to your home. Their are many options out there if you are trying to sell on your own. You can buy a listing to the MLS which is the service all agents use. You can also use other online sources such as Zillow or Trulia to name a couple. Getting you house out there is step one, having a system in place for vetting buyers and negotiating the sale is a whole other beast. Owners who pay 3% are 25% more likely to sell than those who offer nothing, according to For Sale By Owner.

If you do decide that marketing, listing, performing open houses, staging, and vetting potential buyers is to time consuming it is important to find the right agent or broker. Interview agents and brokers. Let them tell you their marketing plan on your home. It is best to find folks who know your subdivision, local schools, market, value, etc. The right agent should aggressively market. Generally by doing so, your most serious offers should come within 7-21 days.

7. Always be ready to show.

Keep your home as tidy as possible. If you have animals, make sure to put the bowls and toys away. Unfortunately, not everyone is a cat person or a dog person. This goes back to point #1. Have your spaces as clean as possible so your home is ready to show any time a potential buyers agent or buyer wants to come check it out.

I hope you can take these things and apply the right away in order to make your home "market ready". If you have any questions or would like a professional opinion of value for completely free, email me at mattbeard@azexceptionalhomes.com. I look forward to meeting you!


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