AZ EXCEPTIONAL HOMES is a Hause Real Estate company. I aim to be the ultimate guide for everyone here in the greater Phoenix area as we share this wonderful place to live. I am an industry expert of the "East Valley" where I provide many services to past, current, and future clients. I work as an appraiser and agent. By doing this, I am able to provide tremendous value to clients by using my market knowledge on current values to give my clients the ultimate edge on both selling and buying transactions.

I have valued over 1400 homes in the last year alone! I hope to meet and exceed expectations for everyone who may need my help. AZ Exceptional Homes was created to give you ton of information on anything regarding AZ Real Estate in a centralized location that is easy to find, read, and understand for no charge. I hope you can take advantage of all that this website offers and you apply it to your personal situation. I am here to help. Please use the appointment tab to schedule a consultation where we can meet and talk about your specific situation and needs. I am not a "salesy" kind of guy and I will never push my services or knowledge on you. I aim to truly help and guide you even if you want to go at selling, buying, relocating, or whatever else alone. This is my promise to you.